How to make part move along with hinge constraint

Alright, so I wanna make a CIWS type thing, basically,
when you sit down you have the ability to rotate the turret on the x, and y axis, I used two hinge constraints for this.

But as you can see the top part doesn’t move with the bottom part, I tried using a weld constraint but this obviously messes up the entire thing and causes the whole thing to fling, any ideas on how to fix this?


It seems to work fine, except the top part just lags behind the bottom part?

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Yep seems like a physics bug like this old one, trying to mix CFrames and physics constraints:


Try manually setting ownership to the player for the bottom and top part, it may just be replication lag.

You should not need to switch to editing the CFrames for this as suggested above. This is only relevant if you’re moving anchored parts.


This was solved by big brain scripter @JacTBB he welded both of the sides to rotor, instead of manually editing the CFrame he changed the target angle of the hinge constraints (servo),

Now it looks like this, pretty sweet.