How to Make perfect buildings?


I want to know how developers make perfect buildings because so far when I build it seems to simple and basic.How do you combine both elements of basic blocks into works of art?And not a pile of random.


There is no “Perfect building.” The fun thing about being a builder is that you can do it how ever you want. There is no guidelines to how you should build or what you should do. As long as you love your creation then other people will too. The perfect build is something personal, not something that everyone thinks. There is no one build that everyone loves because nothing is, perfect. A perfect build is completely personal to you, and all of your finished builds should be the “perfect build” for you. I find it best to not compare your work to other people’s work because it is piratically impossible to get a build that everyone likes because everyone likes different stuff. As I said before, if you love your work, other people will too.


I guess your right

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If you think your build are simple and basic and you can’t think of anything else to make them better, post pictures of your builds here and ask for help. There is TONS of really creative people here who will help you.


Got that thanks for the tip :smiley:

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Hint: If you want to improve your building skills, you could just find any picture on Google and try to make that on the picture in ROBLOX Studio. It’s my way of building and it’s really interesting how could you make something from a picture in a 3D view!

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Thanks maybe that can be used as inspiration :+1:


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