How to make pet sim x like pet movement

Hello! I was wondering how I make a pet simulator x like movement where of course the pet follows you, I can easily script that, but with the back-and-forth movement smoothly. As I said above, I can make a pet that follows you, but it looks really low quality, and the pet looks like a possessed dead body. I just want to know like if I would make an infinite tween animation, but would that interfere with the body gyro or stuff like that? Or like is it something totally different. Thanks, BMWLux (:


I don’t understand, can you explain in more detail or post a video?

Please try the Search bar up top first.
I typed in 'pet ’ and got a bunch of posts like this one:

No, im saying like in pet simulator x where they go back and forth like if you have played the game I think you would understand. Yeah no for sure I have. I can make them follow you really easily I just dont get the back and forth like when you walk and the pets come after you they have a little animation and i guess that animation is what I’m looking for (:

dude lol, i mean the pet from pet simulator x animation XD wdym rthro? XDD

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You can get it in two ways:

Rigging is a little tricky to master, but once you get it you can bring whatever you want to life.
By rigging your pets it’s easy to animate them via any animation plugin.

Here are some useful links on this way

Another way is to change their CFrames with scripts to get the movement you want. Imo is more difficult than rigging if you are not familiar with CFrames

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