How to make skirt physics?

This is my first time posting on DevForum! I am sorry if I have done anything wrong.

I am probably the first one to be asking this question since I searched similar post and found nothing related so I want to make a skirt that has physics and is weld to a Roblox character, made out of parts or wedges. I don’t want it as a mesh and accessory. And to let you know, I am not really that good at scripting. I have checked other post and I tried to use parts but I don’t know how to do it and nothing helps me… Can somebody help me? :C


Is there another game you saw this from that you can provide a link to? This sounds like quite a tedious and somewhat difficult task, especially if you’re not good at scripting. Most probably it would just be asking someone else to make the script for you.

I might consider using physical constraints such as the ball socket or hinge constraints and putting limits on them or something?

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I would love to see that. A physical skirt working. Due to the physics used/demanding with many players using physical cloths, probably should be a game targeting fashion/style/design.

I agree with Sanctuary, the most easy way should be using Constraints. And each skirt should be made carefully by hand, cause theres many differences on each skirt. Sounds like a time consuming task. But I would love to see it!!

Oh yes, here is my time to shine. Alright what you want to do is apply what we would call “weights” to the skirt. In a sense what you are doing is creating ragdoll physics but only for these 4 points on the skirt, that being the corners of the semi major and minor axis (look under the skirt then treat the border of it as a ellipse). From there we simply weld these “weights” aka just having them be a offset of a cframe. From there we assign a constraint called “ball constraint” to all these 4 points (note the more you subdivide these points the more realisitc it gets but more laggy). from there we assign their part1 (parent attachment part, in a sense) to be well, the motor6d/limb it is attached to. You don’t wear a skirt on your chest, do you?


create control points on the skirt then apply ragdoll physics to only those control points to the humanoid root part.

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Would this be more to your use?

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I like the idea of using skinned meshes, but that would be animated, not physical. Actually ur idea is the easier one, if OP knows how to create 3d meshes, UVwrap, (modeling)

EDIT:… Hold on. Its possible to create bones that are welded by ballsockets?.. If thats possible, then you nailed it! A mesh controlled by ballsockets! Great idea you had!

@SanctuaryIX I genuinely never see a game like this before, and I’ll try doing that!

@Dev_Peashie Thanks! And I know it’s a time consuming task, but I’ll try doing that too!

@CoderHusk Sorry :<, but what do you mean by control points and what do you really mean to add ragdoll physics?

@Scottifly If it’s not anything to do with physics then no…


I wonder how will you be making the corners of the skirt smoother when making it? And is the top supposed to be welded to the character? Thanks for answering! ^^

What confuses me what if there’s a lot of attachments and ball sockets like the middle part surrounds by other points, do I have to add all ball sockets and attachments to what touches the middle part or borders of it? Should I be sorting the names of the attachments and the ball sockets? And one more thing, I don’t know how should I be building it, like should it be straight, or tilted?

I know it has been 4 months ago but I think this might help:

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