How to make spells

Hello,I am very confused about something I know how to make magic spells like a simple fire ball but I want to go up a level to something harder so I want to know how to make stuff like this

It will help me a lot if you could explain how to do stuff like that thanks.


I also wanted to know on how to achieve something like this. I was told you use meshes, and a lot of tweening. I could be incorrect, but that’s the information I was given a while ago.


Can you give a link to the post?

It just looks like a spinning model and some camera manipulation. Would you like to first attempt to do this yourself? You’ll often find that if you try things out yourself, you’ll end up getting the answer and it’ll be (possibly) easier than you made it out to be. Give it a shot and let us know what you come up with. Plan things out: what are your requirements? How will you assemble the system to meet those needs?

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just use a plugin called EZ camera shaker for the camera shake effects.
while the tornado you can use mesh and rotate it, and also add some particles to make it more EPIC!

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Well, what level are you at right now? Are you making your fireball with 1 server script or are you using a local script and a server script with a remoteevent?


I am making a local script and using it to see if a player pressed a button, when the button is pressed its firing a remote event then a script picks it up and does something.

You should check out The original Star Glitcher Script for inspiration.

It is extremely messy, obfuscated beyond practical readabillity, outdated (uses .touched and BV’s instead of raycasts and proper projectile motion) and not Filtering Enabled-Proof, but it’s also a fantastic way to get some excellent ideas about how to make effects on roblox.

Inside that script you will find a lot of unique functions used to generate cool attack animations, such as Sphere and Slash. I think it’s an okay place to start if you’re good at reading through obfuscated code.

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Also I am using Body values and hit functions to move the spell and hit to damage, if there is a better way please tell me.

so you want to make a more complicated spells right?
if you want to learn how to make complicated spells such as that. you want to start learning CFrame.
example of what you can make after learning CFrame: Click Me!

That’s really cool but isn’t CFrame is what you use to change a position of an object?

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