How to make sure that when a part reaches its specific orientation then it triggers an example event

it may just be that your dot threshold is too precise; try moving it down to something like 0.5 and see if it works? from there make it more and more precise! (starting with an extremely precise threshold means that the dot product is working, however its so precise that it is extremely hard to land inside the threshold to make it work.

alternatively, if this does or doesnt work, you can try simply printing dotproduct if you havent yet and see if that returns a decimal.

i tried changing the threshold values but still idk whats wrong, will this script wont run if it in local? and secondly i didnt understand the last sentence that you said.

it shouldnt be affected by it being local or server side, you can keep it in local. to bugfix your problem, print out dotProduct and see what it is printing in the first place.

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