How to make Text Label Come from a line?

I’ve been trying to find out how to make a text label come form a line like this and don’t know so how do you do this?


Btw i just want to know how to do it no scripts

It’s not possible to make it without scripting. You would need to use tweening.

how do i use tweening to make it disappear into the line(btw i was not asking for sripts it sounded like it that’s why)

Create a frame that parents the TextLabel and enable ClipDescendants on it. Then you can tween the TextLabel down and it will disappear as it leaves the frame.

It’s impossible to achieve this without scripting anything. You could create an area for the text label to appear at using a variable, then workspace:FindPartsInRegion3(regionVariableName, RegionPart, MaxRegionParts). Then, a ‘for’ loop which inside contains a .Touched event to detect whenever any parts in that region are touched. That’s when you could fire a remote event to the client (e.g hit.Parent) and pick it up from a client script to tween the text label down.

If you want to know more about Region3, you can look here: Region3 | Roblox Creator Documentation

Hope this helps!

Hello kind sir, Yes you will need scripting involved but in the future, I ask you to direct people towards the new functions that are replacing Region3.

We don’t want people using soon-to-be deprecated objects as it’s a lot easier to use the new functions as that’s what will be updated more often if something does break.

You’re giving information about Region3 which isn’t necessary in this context as they’re not look for methods of triggering an action. Tweening is all that is needed for this.

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Thanks for all the support i just wanted to know how to do the gui but i know coding so ill do use this as its a better way

Ok kind cool sir, I am back with what you need to do!

Step 1 - You’ll want to create the base UI including both the CollisionFrames and the Visual Line

After your finished with all of that we can get into the programming, One of the gyazo gifs didn’t render correctly so we’ll be skipping directly to the part where I already have part of the code completed

Basically what were setting up here is whenever you say “Hi” in chat it makes disappears,
Towards the end of the clip I duplicated the TweenService line to use and change the Position Values on the Top

Now its testing time! Make sure you properly create the TweenService lines as In this clip I had to update the Parent as I forgot to add “.TextLabel”

Perfect! It all works, now lets finish off that line as well, We were going to use a delay function but I decided to go for a usual task.wait() instead.

LineTrickThingyIdk.rbxm - And here’s our final result!

If you have any questions feel free to ask.