How to make unanchored part not rotate at all

I’m surprised I haven’t saw this question asked anywhere on the forums so that’s why I’m asking this. I want to make an unanchored part that does not rotate at all. Should I use BodyGyro, AlignOrientation or something else? Also, will this reduce data network of unanchored parts or will they stay the same?

Definitely use Align orientation because AlignOrientation is newer and specifically has a property to allow this to happen AlignOrientation.RigidityEnabled,

BodyGyro you would have to play around with MaxTorque and it’s D dampening, and P values.

For this question:

No, because it’s physically simulated (still can translate or move around) and not in an guaranteed inactive state like anchored parts, unless it were to go to sleep refer to the physics best practices post for more info on physics stuff:

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