How to make vanishing effect like this video?

I came across this video and I was wondering how they made this vanishing effect on the cubes and spheres.

My guess is that they flipped through a bunch of different textures on the mesh, and also change the mesh id as well. Is this correct or is there some roblox feature that they used that im not aware of?

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it’s most likely glass with some fancy effects ontop


MeshPart in the design of the effect with a Glass material on top of a 0.05 transparent block. To make the mesh, you could use Blender and just experiment with different shapes until you find one you like. The neon is a slightly smaller version of the main Glass MeshPart.


Shaders would require engine support so the whole ‘shader effects’ claim is misleading.

Looks like they’re just iterating through a bunch of textures, but using the VertexColor property of mesh instances to displace the colour - see example here on how vectors with a magnitude greater than one can result in it appearing as though it has bloom

Seeing no proof that it’s actually on Roblox. The mouse icon can easily be changed, and the top right cube thing could be a plugin of some sort in another program.

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