How to make zones

So I used the Touched and TouchEnded event but when i jump in the zone the touchended fires when i didnt leave the zone

how could i make a zone/safezone a different way

Find a regons module to put it in in simple terms

try using Region3

I would still recommend using Touch and TouchEnded. What might go wrong is that your head sticks out and fires the TouchEnded event.

In order to fix this, you will need to keep track of what parts within your character are in touch with the zone. If the number of parts is more than zero, then you are within the zone. Otherwise you are out of it.

Using parts is more elegant, since Region3 does not support rotation and more complex zone shapes like circles and triangles.

I don’t understand why people keep suggesting Region3 which is outdated and deprecated. Use the new OverlapParams, which are very similar to Region3, but easier to setup and more customisable as well. You can use RunService.Heartbeat to constantly check what zone the user is in. If done on the client, it won’t cause any issue, shouldn’t be a big deal on the server either unless you are using dozens of big zones at the same time.

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