How To Move A Game From Your Profile To A Group?

Hello, Roblox Community

I have a question. Is it possible to move a game from your profile to a Roblox group? When I created my Roblox game, I selected the creator to be myself (@SnowflakeForest10) instead of choosing my group. However, now that I have developers which may be payed in the future, I need to have group funds from group games. So, how can I move my game to my Roblox group and is it even possible to do? Have an amazing day!

Snowflake (@SnowflakeForest10)

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Go to file in studios and click publish game as


This does work. When publishing a game as another current game, you cannot change the creator of the game. You can just add versions of a game to another version of a game.

Change the creator of the game on game settings, mb

Thats not moving, you just create a new universe/game. Moving games between profile and groups are not possible as far as i know.

oh wait I just realized it, mb