How to prevent glitching out of map

My game has recently got issues with lots of people glitching out of the map.
This is pretty annoying since it’s a survival game and glitching out of the map can allow people to infinitely survive rounds.

I have invisible walls in my game and also invisible kill walls in my game, but people still somehow glitch trough them even though the invisible walls stretch out over a large space. Is there any way i can prevent people from glitching out of the map permanently?

There are also exploits made that allow players to teleport their what i assume HumanoidRootPart very far out of the map using coordinates.

Is there any way i could create a system that doesn’t allow people to go beyond a specific set of coordinates which npc are still able to go beyond?

You could look in this topic. Its a zone module where you can check whenever a player enters or leaves a zone so you could make a zone in your playing area and detect when people are leaving that area.