How to reduce ms in your game

My game currently runs for 800 ms when there are 4 people in the server.
how do i decrease it so that my game is not that laggy

Some models may lag the game, reduce the amount of bricks in your game for a smoother experience!

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This is a very asked question, I will make a tutorial later on, but anyway here we go:

  1. Remove the terrain that you don’t see
  2. Enable streaming (for more informations Content streaming )
  3. Disable Cast Shadows in the parts that doesn’t need shadows
  4. Optimize your scripts
  5. Use meshes (how to create a mesh from a building you did in studio meshes )
  6. Optimise the collions box (for other building tips here )
  7. Remove Can Collide to parts that you can’t touch

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:
PS: Sorry for the bad English :neutral_face:


What should be the goal ms/ping for games?

To have as less ping as you can. The more ping you have, the more lag you get, but the less ping you have the better the game runs smoothly.

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What about some games like league of legends their ping is normally 7 ms if you have good wifi and other player’s slow wifi doesn’t affect you

It only depends on what you do in the development process.

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I’ve monitored toh’s ping its spikes up to 1.5k ms but it doesn’t affect their time gui and game at all

Like @leo007er1 said, the development process is very important and that is why you should test a game before publishing it so you can improve and work on your mistakes so there can be less lag on your game!