How to replicate this smooth camera movement?

Hello! I’m trying to make a first person game with this type of smooth camera movement:

I am very sorry for any lag.
Anyways, this is from the game called, The Rake: THE RAKE™: Classic Edition | HALLOWS :jack_o_lantern: - Roblox

I just wanted to know how to replicate this.

Please and thanks!


Hello, do you want to replicate this camera angle?
Because roblox already has smooth camera.

Oh yes I played it just now, the effect seems to be it tilting to the side when you walk

I think that this just might be the use of tweening CFrame.Angles, or Lerping

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There is no TweenService used, I can make this script later if you want me to. It is just being late for me.

If it’s possible, I would like to see how this is made.

It is possible, I used to make camera in space:

It uses the same of rotating the camera.

Pretty Simple:

I don’t think it is what he needs. I guess he needs camera to change the angle.

This is not what I need, I need the camera to slowly “tween/goto” the new position of where the player is looking like in the video. I can’t figure if it’s tweening or lerping or what. It would be nice to know how to make this. I probably should of been more clear in my post, my apologies.