How to reposition a frame using Vector2

How would I reposition a frame using Vector2

I am pretty sure that you use the Udim2 property instead of vector2 but the way you would do that would most likely be:

Frame.Position =,Vector2.X,0,Vector2.Y)

Alright thanks for the heads up, ill try this and get back to you

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Its pretty straight forward,

"How do you reposition a frame using Vector2"

Have you tried using a script or making one on your own?

So I already have a function that gets the center of an object I pass, problem is when settings position; I cant use Udim2

does the Frame.Position =,Vector2.X,0,Vector2.Y) work? I tried doing that myself and you may have to add/subtract some sort of offset for it to work properly but it works.

You could make a vector 2 value, and make sure the x and y are numbers 1-100. Then use scale instead of pixels.

Frame.Position =, 0, Vector2.Y/100, 0)
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