How to revert the update for Roblox Studio tools

How do I revert the most recent studio update, I’m uncomfortable with how the rotation tool works and found it much easier using the spheres as orientation.


You cant the best thing you can do is download the building tools by f3x plugin which will have the original rotate dragger.

what made them choose to change it, was there issues before?

I am not sure I believe they did it because it was time.

so theres no other way to change how it looks cosmetically other than getting a plugin? I downloaded the F3X tool but having a whole gui to my right for building is kind of cluttered

You can’t revert a Roblox Studio update or version if I recall, but with the new Lua Draggers and such with all these new rotations, they made it a change because it improved movements and rotation for developers since the old draggers weren’t the “best” and outdated for years and years, so the answer is no on getting the old tools back.

You can read here for more information and ask questions.

You just have to battle through and be comfortable with the new tools and draggers that Roblox introduced, if you want to have more external tools or a better rotation system, you can get a plugin for an alternative.

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Well your either going to have to use the new lua draggers which I prefer you do to get used too or do what I said theirs no other way

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Well this is unfortunate, I’ll do my best to adapt but man, visually im gonna be having a hard time. Thanks for replying

If you after using them for a while you still dislike them you can leave your feedback in this thread: Say Hello to the New Lua Draggers