How to rig a blender model?

Hey so i made this model in blender its supposed to be a custom justice league flash suit i was gonna use it for my Game its supposed to be a 5k special suit but i dont know how to rig it if u can please help!


You could try using the blender rig exporter/importer to import a rig into blender, and then attach the suit to the imported character.

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You can use PaintRig and just move the extra parts under the correct attachments.

That or you will physically have to make a rig, here’s a tutorial I found that seems to be good.

And if neither of those are to your liking, there are more tutorials on different versions on places like Youtube.

You can do this in studio, divide the parts up in blender for lower left arm etc if you’re using r6. Import to Roblox and weld the parts to the body. Don’t forget to unanchor and turn off collisions.