How to scan through players invetory?

I recently saw this game called “PLS DONATE” and I was really curious as to how they accessed the players inventory and got all the shirts?

Could anybody explain or show the script?


Here’s existing APIs I just looked up, might still work. Private inventories can’t be searched though, so you’d probably want to determine if you can see in their inventory using the API mentioned on the site to do that first.!/v1

You’d go about this by sending a get request by using HttpService.


With the introduction of that new game this question has been asked several times.


How would I make this for the Username to be the player who joined the game? Or the play who claims something?

You can get a player instances’ name by indexing their “Name” property, to get a player instance when they join you use the “.PlayerAdded” event.

If I was gonna make a tycoon where they claim it would I make it so theres a value of who claims it and the username is the value?

I would have an ObjectValue instance which points to the player instance that owns the tycoon.

I have a private inventory and played the same game and it worked for me. Maybe it searches what shirts are on-sale that are created by the player?

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