How to Setup a Custom Search in Google Chrome for the Devhub

Hey everyone! Recently you’ve probably heard that our beloved platform’s documentation has moved to If you were used to sifting through the wiki to find information, try setting up a custom search in Google Chrome (note: you probably can do this for any other good browser like Firefox).

Step 1: Open Chrome’s Settings for Search Engines

Paste chrome://settings/searchEngines in the address bar to be taken right there. Or, you can click the three dots at the top right and hit Settings. Then, scroll down a little and you should see an option to Manage Search Engines (you can also search the settings in the bar at the top)

Step 3: Under Other Engines, click Add.

Use the following values for the fields:

  • Search engine:, DevHub, or anything else you prefer
  • Keyword:
    devhub, robloxdev, or anything else you prefer
  • URL with %s in place of query:

Here’s what I use.


Step 4: Try it out!

Open a new tab and type your chosen keyword (above, devhub) then the Tab key. Next, type a query like “ParticleEmitter”. When you press enter, it’ll perform the search! Ta-da!


Power users who find themselves looking for class pages could do something similar to jump directly to certain API pages. For that, you could use something like the following:

Fun fact! You don’t even need %s in the URL. One of my college professors would set up tiny shortcuts like “1” and “2” to jump to his classes’ schedules with three keypresses: 1 + TAB + ENTER. I thought that was pretty clever too, so maybe that information might also be helpful to you.

Go forth and search, my friends!



Thank god. I was just about to ask for this. Good find!




Can you change the keyword? Instead of typing dev hub could I change it to something like dev forum like I usually call it?

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The DevHub and Devforum are different. You could change it to devforum though if you want

Just change the keyword to whatever you like.

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The search feature on the developer hub got revamped, so this tutorial needed an update. The on-site link no longer works, so I’ve updated this walkthrough to use Google with query instead.

More information on the devhub’s search update here: