How to start in JavaScript?

I’m trying to get into JavaScript, for I could develop other things as Ranking Bots and more stuff similar, but how would I get into it?
How do I run a code in JavaScript? (as far as I know, visual studio)
For making a RankingBot for example, how do I call the Bot? With HTTPsService?
But then, how do I run the JavaScript code?
I quite don’t understand too much yet,
Is there any tutorial you could send me that helped you learn?


If you wanna make a web app, you need to install NodeJS. Download it from here

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What is it for?
What can I use for tho, I mean prob a plenty uses but what’s node.js?

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NodeJS is a server-side runtime environment for JavaScript, you can use it to create eg. a ranking bot for a group.

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Ok so, let’s suppose I got a ranking bot code on my pc, how will I call the ‘code’ to run if the code is on MY pc on visual code studio?

Once you save the file you are programming in, you can run the file by typing “node MyFile.js” in Command Prompt.

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Those tutorials might be helpful for you.


You can also talk to me directly - TechSpectrum#2620


Added, I got a few questions if I don’t annoy you! :slight_smile:

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