How to stop players from rotating with shift lock?

I have a few moves in my game where you grab onto the victim and do something like a slam or a headbutt or something. I don’t want players to be able to rotate out with shift lock in one of these moves.
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How could I do this?


Disable shift lock in your experience.

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Thanks for explaining how to do that…

@AlexPalex178 I saw you like on accident. :smiling_imp:

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When the move begins, disable AutoRotate on the players humanoid so shift lock does nothing, then add it back.

Or you could just disable shift lock

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My bad, I thought there was no need to explain because it is so simple.

I liked on accident thats true :smiling_imp:

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Good grief people, get to the explanation of how to do the solution, here’s how to disable shiftlock:

Uncheck EnableMouseLockOption, simple as.

in startercharacter disable enablemouscelock

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