How to unlock the 60 FPS Cap, With/Without Software

Here is a short tutorial on how to remove the standard 60 FPS cap to make use of your higher refresh rate monitor

The first tutorial is removing the cap using a FFlag instead of software

Go to where Roblox files are stored, you will either find your game files in
C:/Program Files (x86)/Roblox/Versions
C:/Users/{your user}/AppData/Local/Roblox/Versions

Go through each folder starting with “version” until you find RobloxPlayerBeta, we will be unlocking the framerate on our client

Go into that version folder and create a ClientSettings folder
ClientAppSettings.json (38 Bytes)
Then download this ClientAppSettings.json file, if you do not feel comfortable downloading it, you can create the file in the ClientSettings folder and add this FFlag

{"DFIntTaskSchedulerTargetFps": 144}

Set the value to the FPS you want to cap at, I recommended using 120 if you are using a 120hz monitor, 240 if you are using a 240hz monitor etc.

Head into a roblox game and you should see your FPS is higher than 60

This step is still confirmed working as of writing this

This other tutorial will show you how to use software to unlock the FPS

Head to Releases · axstin/rbxfpsunlocker · GitHub

Then download the latest version of rbxfpsunlocker

Chrome may target rbxfpsunlocker as a virus, the reason why is because it modifies running roblox processes to unlock framerate
Note: The software does not inject anything, so it is not bannable, It is also not a virus.

When the software is downloaded, extract the folder to your liking and run “rbxfpsunlocker.exe”
If done correctly your FPS should change

Both methods require a computer capable of outputting more than 60 FPS in ROBLOX, this does not boost FPS in any way, it only unlocks it

Hope this tutorial helped, happy gaming!


Nice tutorial!

I didn’t know that I could just add a json file to the version.
I’ve just been using rbxfpsunlocker.

rating = math.floor(9.9999999999999999+0.5) / 10

As for anybody here who hasn’t used the rbxfpsunlocker software but is interested in the solution, definitely give it a go! I use it myself and I rarely have issues with it.

I just tried the first method of unlocking the frame rate, which is important right now since I have not updated my Roblox client recently.

Not only was the FPS unlock immediately reverted, but when I launched Roblox it could not open due to an error caused by the file. I re-launched Roblox and it had a lot of trouble trying to recover. After re-launching one more time, it very slowly updated and eventually fixed itself, leaving the same Roblox framerate as before.

For anyone on a Mac with a ProMotion display (or capable external monitor):

The full path of the file should be /Applications/

As of now I’m not sure if it’s similar to Windows in needing to be redone every update.


Thank you for providing a Solution to MacOS users, I don’t have a Mac so i couldnt add Mac tutorial for this

Did you download the file or copy the contents, if you copied you may have missed a character

I downloaded the file and followed the instructions exactly.

Its probably something on your end, make sure that the ClientSettings folder is created in the folder containing “RobloxPlayerBeta.exe” and “RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe”, also make sure the JSON file is in that ClientSettings folder

As mentioned, I followed the instructions exactly. In other words, I did just those things.

none of these work sadly though :confused:

That’s strange…
fps unlocker actually removes the max fps on Roblox (not microsoft roblox I think)
And the file also worked to me (just in roblox, not microsoft roblox)

rbxfpsunlocker works on Windows store roblox i think but the JSON method does not

i place ClientSettings folder at
C:/Program Files (x86)/Roblox/Versions
C:/Program Files (x86)/Roblox/Versions/{Version}

Add "DFIntSignalRHeartbeatIntervalSeconds":240 for Break Heartbeat limit

Maybe your pc isn’t fast enough to have more than 60 FPS?

I have a powerful laptop from 2020, It works fine with different games and roblox, and it’s too fast

For laptop with iGPU like AMD and Intel is also hard to pass 60fps, except you have extra gpu that possible give better even its not on charge and on save battery mode. My laptop i5-12450h with rtx 3050m (45w) only can hit ±250fps on roblox. If your using fpaunlocker app make sure its running with latest version but if still not pass 60fps then your laptop not enough for it.

Here is my device information

Does the setting save even after roblox or roblox studio updates?

Your display still needs to be capable of handling frame rates above 60 for it to work, otherwise it will stay at 60. Likewise if you set your frame rate to 144 while your display can only go up to 120, Roblox will stay at 120

rbxfpsunlocker does not care what your display is capable of, if you want to go down that road, but it’s still pointless if you can’t actually benefit.