How to use Player:LoadCharacter() in a local script in Starter GUI?

Show me, I don’t get it so it better if you record a screen recoding

Ok ill record a screen recording and show u

Here’s a screen recording:

Okay, in server script make the morph script after the LoadCharacter

wait after or before so it runs before?

Wait the load character thing is a remote event do i add it in the remote event function

Look so when the character is loaded it will reload the entire character, so put the morph script after the loadCharacter

Wait but would it do anything cause if I want to change the character it needs to reload eveyrhting

Yeah what @i0rtid is saying is that you first load in the character and then after the character is loaded to put the custom character on top of it

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But doesn’t StarterCharacter only work when the program is loaded?

You have StarterCharacter saved in the player when the player is being loaded in the server or where is the character stored initially and where does it get moved? Because like you said a starter character actually affects ALL in game players. If you would want to change a character’s appearance locally then I recommend humanoid descriptions.

The api link for humanoid descriptions.

With your method rn, it is too much trouble. Use humanoid descriptions. They will help out so much!

I’m on mobile sorry for bad formatting and I was asleep sorry for late response as well

Yo thanks it worked thanks so much for the help much appreciated

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Sure thing anytime! if the problem is solved, mark it as a solution

Yes just one more thing tho how do I make the UI be visible if the player dies?

Well you you can check if the player/character died and then set the visibility of the ui to true.

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If you mean not to reset the GUI when the player dies, then go to the ScreenGui and uncheck the ResetOnSpawn property of that ScreenGui

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No but I turned it off cause when the player choses his character it doesnt become visible again but I onlly want it to be visible when they actually die

To find when the player dies in the character add a script like this:

local humanoid = script.Parent.Humanoid


-- code


ok ill try it ill tell u if it doesnt work

Well then how @domboss37 said, make the UI visible once the humanoid of that player has been detected as dead.

local char = player.Character
if char then
   local humanoid = char:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
      if humanoid then
         --Turn on the enabled property of the UI to make the UI visible again.