How to use the Boolean Modifier in Blender 2.80!

Hello everyone! Have you ever wanted to know how to use the Boolean Modifier in Blender? If so, here’s how!

To start off, let’s insert a Cone. Go to Add > Mesh > Cone.

The Cone will then be inserted into your workspace, feel free to play around with it and see what you can make!

The Boolean Modifier works similar to Unioning and Negating.

In order to use it, you must have another object in your workspace. Let’s add a Cube!

The Cone has a companion now! How sweet. :relaxed:

We will then scale the Cube down by using S + Z and lowering it to the appropriate scale.

Add the Boolean modifier to the Cone, and set the Cube as the object. You will now notice that the selection is devided now.

If you wish to see the results better, go to the Context tab and set the Cube display to “Bounds”.

There are also different modes that you can try, such as Intersect and Union!

Intersect keeps the part of the mesh that the Cube is apart of, and gets rid of everything surrounding it.

Union merges the two meshes to form one singular mesh.

Once you’re done setting up the modifier, apply it to the mesh. Once the modifier is applied, you can now delete the Cube. (Farewell!) Now you can work with the mesh to create something spectacular! :exploding_head:

If you want to be able to insert the mesh into ROBLOX Studio, go to File > Export > Wavefront (.obj).

I hope this helps you with whatever you are making! Have fun! :smile: