How to visually see UI Positioning Manually

The title is pretty much self-explanatory. How can I visually see UI Positioning Manually?

Is there a way to do this?

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I’m not sure I understand what your question is, but are you talking about scale and offset? I think there should be the answer to your question here: UI Design Starter Guide

What I’m trying to say is I want to visualize resizing and positioning, not like throwing darts. (Taking guesses)
Like some type of scroller that you can slide to visually see positioning every frame including size.

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Are you talking about something like in the unity game engine where you can click on a value (lets say position) and have the value scale with the movement of your mouse, such as in the example below.

YES that! Its so hard to predict what it is going to look like for me without it!

so do you want something like in unity or other game engines where the ui will move when you do the scroll thing

uhh. Like I said before yeah… Is there a type of plugin that can do this?

I don’t think there is, but I could try to make one that when you click on an instance, you get the ability to scroll through its position and size.

That sets the offset of a UI that doesn’t scale…

I can make it scale if you would like

Never mind. Solve this message. I just found out a plugin named AutoScale. This helps alot.