How to weld characters together

I was testing something out and when I tried to attach a character model to my character through their humanoidrootparts with motor6d. It became apparent that the character I added was slowing my character down and making jumping impossible. ( Both of them were set to not collide eachother) This could be fixe by removing the humanoid but the problem is that I kind of need the humanoid for the both of them.

There are issues when joining the physics controls of 2 humanoids.

There was an Announcement about 2 weeks ago(?) about new humanoidcontrollers that might help you out.

There are quite a few older posts about ‘carry another player’ or ‘hold another player’ that have solutions, but I’d look at the Announcement first to see if there’s a better way.

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I would assume its related to this post, Releasing Character Physics Controllers, I will check it out

yeah its this one , Humanoid.EvaluateStateMachine

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