How would about sending requests to a Roblox game via Discord bot

I want to make my Discord bot able to ban people in a game directly from the bot using some web api that I don’t know of.

If you know anything on it please reply!

There are multiple free examples, like the one here

It really depends on what you want to happen. You can use things such as the OpenCloud API’s to do things (at the moment there is the messaging service, datastore and place publishing that is public to everyone to use). You also have outside of the OpenCloud things like the Roblox internal API’s (like the ones people use to rank people in groups).

Below I will leave some resources that I have made in regards to using the OpenCloud and internal API’s. I recommend taking a read of them because I don’t just say about how to use them but also things such as use cases with the API’s and as such.

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