How would i be able to play a custom video in my roblox game without uploading 500 frames?

Hello everyone, so i am trying to move newstar theaters (which is my movie theater game) over to custom videos, but ive found it tiring uploading individual frames after only 60 of them. Does anyone know a different way?


You can use bulk import I think.

But be careful do not upload audio from bulk upload, audio will broke and your robux will lost.
I was scammed from roblox :frowning: I didn’t get refund. customer support is garbage


Ok thank you! i have already uploaded 82 the tough way :crying_cat_face:

Don’t worry about it. Remember that it’s Roblox and Roblox loves money. :sad:


But what about setting up the imagelabels in the surfacegui. Any effecient way to do that?

Edit: i am getting tired of doing this. im just gonna use the mp4 to jpg converter again and just have it in 10 fps. 20 fps would probably be too laggy anyways so i think i got this figured out.

You should probably keep it as 20 fps since roblox has a resolution cap, it won’t get too laggy.

If you don’t care about resolution you could use a sprite-sheet.
Basically just turn the mp4 to a gif and leave it as a sprite sheet. Just a few fair words of warning, normally each frame will be less than 100 pixels if you do that.

Here’s a thread about sprite-sheet gifs.