How would I create a 12AM - 6AM system

I’m sorry to tell you, but Moneypro456789 is correct, and you are incorrect.

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Ok, finally you got the point of what I’m trying to say.

who are you dude? Do I need to make a test place to visualise what it does? because you are disproving yourself.

in fact it seems like Im going to have to do that because you dont have the mental capacity to understand what Im saying.

No, you appear to have misunderstood the functionality of tick(). Please read a documentation before going into a forum and bragging about your “2 years” of experience, it’s not even a lot.

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Clock test - Roblox here you go buddy

i even took the liberty to make it uncopylocked so you can see its the same scripts

Do you know what a UNIX timestamp is?

Yes bro, # of sec since 1/1/70, i use it for discord time conversion

Tick(), is like unix timestamp.

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Ye, I can’t even join because it’s private…

That’s what I’m saying since a long time…

how is it private ?? literally showing as public in roblox settings

It’s showing private to me…

You have “2 years of experience” dude so you only know how to make it public. I’m just a beginner.

Did you published the Start Place dude…

Refresh the page, ur roblox is def broken, all places r published & its even public on a different acc. so. ur problem not mine .

Yes, ofc my problem. I’m on mobile rn and opening it through Roblox app, so there can’t be any problem in my account. You didn’t even published the Start Place…

ye cus its not set to mobile im fixing that got a plug - in that does that

the code is using GetMinutesAfterMidnight(), not tick().

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then the script are switched , just try it i made the day cycle 5min so u can see the effect better

also access is fixed

Okay? Still doesn’t make your point correct, you’re saying that tick is ingame time.

It sets the game time based off of tick() so im not wrong