How would i create FPS Arms?

I fixed my spelling error, i know

Also here is a post about aiming down sights. The person who wrote this post linked another post, but they’re both good sources

This i have already did with FPS Arms, i was wondering how can i do it with Player Arms

Could you just put a player rig into studio, then animate that rig aiming down sights on the gun?

You can, the only issue is that it looks horrible and very fast, and even when i tried to make it slower, the animation would either end or would just constantly repeat the movement

This post is not necessary as the answer was already found

If it’s ending too soon, that’s probably something related to how you scripted it, but for repeating the same movement you could probably fix that by using Humanoid.Animator:GetPlayingAnimationTracks() (that might not be the actual name of the function, but it’s probably something similar)

local SightAnimationTrack = (stuff here)

    if not table.find(Humanoid.Animator:GetPlayingAnimationTracks(), SightAnimationTrack) then

Basically what this is doing is looking at the table of animation tracks which are currently playing, and seeing if it finds the aim down sights animation there
or, you could just use the IsPlaying property, unless you have multiple different animation track variables defined

Already did that, didnt work. PlatformStand appears to work more

ok, well good luck on your game, and hope it all works out for you

That issue @9100ryan solved, i didnt need to change the Massless property, rn im talking about Player Arms as it is my second question

The only issue i have with this is where to put it.

It should be before you’re about to play the animation track

Basically what it is doing is before playing the animation track, it’s looking to see if the animation track is already playing on your character.

If it’s not already playing on your character, then we want to play the animation. If it is already playing on your character, the script won’t do anything