How would i get a specific players, Device?

So the title say it all, im scripting a gui that displays the device a player is on example

Game_Calculate_.Device = function(Player)
	if Player then
		return "Device"

what i tried

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There used to be UserInputService:GetPlatform() but was removed permission due to security, however, there are mentioned alternatives you can do checks for in order to determine the type of device being used

Roblox documentation
How to detect if Player is using a Phone?
How to Detect what Device a Player is Using - Resources

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well, i want to get a specific player’s device if i pass the player

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Why would u need that? Why do you want to get the players device?

this is probably necessary for getting minor description of other players like for an example, R2DA Awakening has a small mobile icon on the top corner of a player’s profile icon if they’re on a mobile device, same can be guaranteed to work for xbox and stuff

You can’t do that rn, since Roblox removed userinputservice:Get platform() , but people found a way how to detect mobile and pc as @ChivalrousSummer mentioned.

actually, when was :GetPlatfom() removed? i don’t see some detail about the approximate time when it was disabled

Why do you need to know that? Just use people’s method of getting a platform

i just need to know because i want to know

Hello friend!

Try using the Device Maid module I’ve created!


Maid:isVR():returns Bool
Maid:getPlatform():returns String (PC, Mobile, Console)
Maid:getEnabled():returns Table


local Device = DeviceMaid:getPlatform()

if Device == "Mobile" then
   MobileGui.Enabled = true;

Interesting, might try thisssss

This will be the solution until Roblox adds a new API for getting platforms .

You can use the AbsoluteSize property of a ScreenGui instance to determine the resolution of the native device, from there it should be relatively trivial to ascertain the type of device being used.

Phone, Tablet, PC, Xbox etc.

Xbox users when they use pc for Xbox:
Why is it computer controls??

I think we should ask Roblox to bring back userinputservice:GetPlatform()