How would I get better at building?

Hello! Right now, I am trying to get better at building. Does anyone have ideas/feedback on how I can get better? It would be appreciated. :smiley:


Hey! Check out this thread.


Okay so that’s what I’m usually doing.

-Using NPCs to calculate the size, to make its good and not too big or small.

-Deciding the theme colors.

-Deciding what meshes or tools I have to use.

-Deciding the textures that will be included in the model.

-How many days will it take?

-How much time I’ll put on the model.

-Test it and see if there’s scale problems.

And that’s all. Good luck!


I didn’t see anything there, that helped me. Can I see a video?

There are a ton of threads just like this one. Searching up “how to build better” will pull up 50+ threads with the same topic.

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Practice makes perfect, if you build something, build it again and again until you’ve perfected it

Please search first just to see if your question hasn’t been discussed in previous threads on the forum.

I recommend experimenting with different themes and styles anyone can ‘become a better builder’, as it just takes practice and a little effort - patience put into it as that’s how you’ll learn overtime becoming more advanced.There are many ways to strive to becoming a better builder or a professional builder. At the end of the day, experiment with different materials and styles.

Gather a few reference images to use as inspiration to get those important details, experienced builders strive into using plugins to create things more quickly and easier find things that work best to you. Practice makes perfect you need to learn how to experiment with different options and things that’ll help you along the process.

Find something you enjoy making look a few decent images to help you with getting those perfect building layout - use of material and overall shape. Here are a few excellent threads that go into more depth.

Could you show some examples of how you build right now? It’d be great to see some to help you most effectively! :smiley:

Here is one of the walls.