How would I get this model NOT to be in Shiftlock-type mode?

Model: Pistol - Roblox

So, I don’t want the camera to be like that. I want it normal.

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There is a solution here that might fix the problem

Alright, I will read it later. Thanks !

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I can’t see a way to fix it, I tried searching but I don’t understand.

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This was a reply inside of the post, I haven’t tried it but. people are replying to it that it works

A fellow programmer (@AstralKingdoms) and I fixed the weapons system up a bit. See below for how to add our fix and what we changed.

  1. Place the modified WeaponsSystem in ReplicatedStorage: WeaponsSystem.rbxm (90.0 KB)
  2. Add any of the desired weapons from the original kit (list on the Weapons Kit hub page)
  3. Once the weapon is added, delete the WeaponsSystem that comes with it, as well as any scripts inside of it (don’t delete anything else).
  4. Add the following script directly inside the tool object: ServerWeaponsScript.rbxm (1.7 KB)
  5. Configure and give the weapons out as desired.

This weapons system fixes the following issues outlined in this post:

  • Shoulder script only applies while the gun is equipped (will force stop it when the gun is unequipped)
  • Camera will not break upon unequipping the tool.

There are still some bugs with it, including…

  • If the tool is deleted from the character model, the shoulder camera will be stuck until a different weapon is equipped, and the animation will be stuck until the character is reloaded. To fix this, just call Humanoid:UnequipTools() and wait a frame before deleting it.
  • If the user unequips the tool (either manually or via :UnequipTools()) while they are scoped in, their walkspeed will remain the scope walking speed (which is slower than the default 16 walking speed). This bug wasn’t discussed in this post, but I discovered it on my own.

It doesn’t disable shiftlock mode when it is equipped but it works when it is unequipped if you read how to fix that where it says there are still somme bugs with it

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To be more specific (rather than just fixing the issue), and if I recall correctly, the gun comes with a Camera Module. All you would have to do to complete a full modification of the weapon is to simply modify the module or remove it entirely.

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I removed the module once and it broke the entire thing