How would I go about building *perfect* turns on a racetrack?

By perfect I mean with absolutely no gaps (to fill with GapFill) at all - Stravant has a plugin for road creation that solves this, however it has some other extra features that can not be disabled which make it incompatible for what I’m trying to achieve.

Mostly I’m trying to make banked turns like these without any gaps:

Any help is appreciated.


just a suggestion, you could try layering quarter hollow cylinders and cutting angles out of them

if you found a part that let you do it in one go it would look pretty clean

Texture would be really hard to do tho


I would say blender might be the best move for this, but you can also try using this:

I already have Archimedes, Blender somewhat works although the hitboxes for the road always come out buggy no matter what collision type I use in studio

What have you tried doing with Archimedes?

I’m going to try to recreate what you’re trying to do.

Basically I’m trying to do something like this but without any gaps

This might be a pain, but what about using terrain for this?