How would I go about creating methods for objects?

This is something that you can do in Java so I was wondering if you can do it here.

Let’s say I have a IntValue and I want to create a method for it

function IntValue:Add(number)
  self.Value += number


That’s just a visual representation of what I’m trying to achieve, does anyone know any methods? I tried metatables but it isn’t quite what I need.

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Absolutely! While it isn’t supported by default in lua, there are some tricks

Link to full article: (Suggested Read) All about Object Oriented Programming - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox

Here is an example:

local Car = {}
Car.__index = Car

    local self = {}
    self.color = carColor
    return setmetatable(self, Car)

function Car:GetColor()
    return self.color

local carObj ="blue")
print(carObj:GetColor()) -- Returns blue

Thank you very much, it appears metatables were the way to go.

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By any chance, is there any way to implemented these custom methods to already existing Roblox objects, such as IntValues?

I’m pretty sure default roblox instances and such are read-only, however, you can make wrapper classes. Such as

local inst ="IntValue")

local IntWrapper = {}

	local self = {}
	return setmetatable(self,
		{__index = function(obj, key)
			return IntWrapper[key] or objToWrap[key]

function IntWrapper:GetValue()
	return self.Value

local int ="IntValue"))
print(int:GetValue(), int.Value) -- Both return 0, as that is the default value for IntValue's

Although the code may look overwhelming