How would I go about making a custom moveset for specific characters

Alright here we go again :
I was thinking about making a strategy game where you place your troops similarly to like in clash royale, except… not clash royale.
I’ve been wondering how I would set up movesets with custom moves for some specific characters
for example
lets say I wanted to make roblox have a ban hammer ability, but only roblox can use it, not builderman, shedletsky, or anyone else, how would I make it work?
also, i would want it so be possible so multiple characters can be placed, and moves can be used, when theres more than one move, this is probably worded confusingly, but hopefully someone understands

P.S., I don’t need any actual scripting help, I am just looking for how I would set it up

if anyone is having trouble understanding it you can add me on discord Heywood Jablowmee#3732
and I will attempt to clarify : )

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Could do something like this:

Each ability could have a thumbnail, a name and whatever else you want. It’d also have a function that you would call that would be unique for that ability. In this case we have two abilities. Builderman can use both of them, while Shedletsky can only use the last ability.

Though I recommend using OOP (object oriented programming) for this All about Object Oriented Programming
If you used OOP you could think of each character as a different class, and have the various abilities as methods in each class. For example. There are many ways of structuring this.

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Developer forums are made solve people’s problems and not made for asking how to do such a thing!
Anyways, You can make a tool that can be activated remotely and would check for values.add for ROBLOX an int value of 0 for example and for builderman an int value of 1. The tool would loop every 5 seconds if someone is near 5 studs for example. The tool would detect the int value if it is 0, then the ability can be used. If it is 1, then the ability CANNOT BE USED! I hope this helped!

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