How would I go about making a R15 to R6 Script?

I want to turn a R15 rig into an R6 but I’m not sure how. Can anyone help?


You can try setting Humanoid.RigType to R6 and renaming Upper parts to corresponding R6 limbs. There may be some problems with Root Joints though, so beware. You might also have to rename other joints for animations.

It’s really unclear what the problem is and what you have tried yourself to fix the issue. Please follow category guidelines when posting:


I thought that property was read only, I guess I was wrong.

You can try morphing the available player into a R6 morph.

You can do this by either having a script create a whole new humanoid R6 model and then placing the character into it, or just having a R6 morph stored into a storage and cloning it for the character to be parented into.

My answer is just for times you want to keep R15 look but have it set up as R6. Beware of that.

If we’re assuming that the player keeps his/her avatar appearance, then my approach would be the following:

  1. (Re)Load the character in with a default R6 dummy rig and humanoid
  2. Get the character appearance with :GetCharacterAppearanceInfoAsync using the player’s UserId
  3. Apply each asset to the character model using data from step 2 (Face decal Id goes onto a new decal instance on the head, create a new shirt instance parented to the character and apply the avatar shirt id to that shirt, etc)