How would I go making Trade System?

As the title said, I wanna make Trade System but how would I go making it? I’m kinda confuse what and where to start. I really need help on making this system.

Please note that don’t give me full code or YouTube tutorial on how to make Trade System. I wanna learn something without using yt tutorials or copy-paste.

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What have you attempted so far? What’s the architecture for your item handling?
However you design the system, make sure that the clients aren’t the ones handling item transactions/replications to avoid possible exploitation. Ideally you would have either of the two parties fire a remote event to the server with a key for the item they wish to trade, and the server asserts the player owns said item before firing back to both parties that it’s been added to their offer. You want to reference it with a dictionary/tables instead of instances as those may manipulable by the client.

I just wrote out a base concept for some one else, maybe that could help you a bit:

And I will take your advice when I’m scripting this system :+1:

It seems like this answer my question. Thank you so much! I appreciate your help. I will try to implement this system. Not gonna lie is very hard

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