How would I make a 'Cut the Ribbon' scene?

Hello everyone, so I recently thought about creating a ‘Cut the Ribbon’ for my new game’s opening. :happy3:

The problem is, I never touched building and I don’t know how would you do that?

for anyone who doesn’t know what is a ‘Cut the Ribbon’ scene:

I tried searching about it, nothing, maybe another post’s nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

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I think one of the option’s would be to animate a model in Blender and then export it in roblox studio, for after playing the animation when I ‘Cut The Ribbon’?

I don’t think you can do this yet, you would have to upload a video to roblox. Uploading videos aren’t available to everyone, it is unknown why roblox does this for certain users. You have to wait a while till you are able to upload.

I meant in-game like there is a model and then I click ‘e’ to ‘Cut The Ribbon’.

Recreate cloth physics for the ribbon using constraints :sunglasses: using @brokenVectors method.

Yeah to cut them you would just have to press E to destroy the constraints and let the physics engine do the work.

Inner workings can be found here in this post:


I am pretty sure beams will help. Since… You can make them curved, etc.
Just make 2 beams, and then just unanchor them at the same time, maybe it’ll help.

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what do you mean by unanchor them? If I remember beams don’t have anchor’s option?

4 parts
In each part 1 attachment
Name the center parts “UnanchorA”,“UnanchorB”… And you should know the rest…

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Hello, so I got stuck at the second step, where he creates springconstraints between a grid of parts, I rendered the triangles and all but, I really don’t know how can I create springconstraints and assign the attachments automatically(from a script or command bar), because its impossible to assign the attachments manually :confused:

But it is possible though. You can create a new attachment instance parented under each part and it will automatically be centered towards the centered of that part.

Perhaps then you can use the grid data to store it in an XY grid, you check if a part exists in a 2d array/table if you increase the index by one and see if a part exist for that index. If so then connect the part 0 and part 1 of the spring constraint to the attachment.

-- Create a 3 x 5 array
grid = {}
for i = 1, 3 do
    grid[i] = {}

    for j = 1, 5 do
        grid[i][j] = 0 -- Fill the values here

what do you mean by array/table, there are more than 100 triangles in the rendered ‘cloth’, how am I gonna place all of them into a table or array?

Whoops forgot to mention I was talking about this fact of the grid of parts.

The part before he renders the triangle, the parts that are the ones doing the actual physics work. Plus normally we let a for loop put all those 100 rectangle parts in a table are you doing it manually?

Edit: Also what exactly did you mean with rendering the triangles? any images to show the progress you made so far.

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ok so here is the progress so far:
Cloth Test.rbxl (32.2 KB)

Here is some images:

the video did not want to upload :confused:

How would you do a for loop and put all the rectangle parts in a table?

Yeah I would create a grid like an excel spread sheet using the fill value here of that code.

Then in each part I would do a Instance .new and create a part, perhaps a dictionary containing both the part and attachment as well. Then later we can use the indexes as a way to check adjacent parts in the grid.

Sorry gotta sleep now.

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still really confused, it’s my first time doing this so :sweat_smile: