How would I make a dive script in roblox?

Hi! I am working on a dive system/double jump.

I want the player to dive but I don’t know what to script in?
game is here:lolhi0404's Place Number: 418 - Roblox

A BodyGyro or Body Position Etc.

I don’t usually work with Forces in studio so if you can help me with this and the script (when the click shift of course) it would be really helpful!


create a parabola with math and make the player follow the drawn out trajectory of it?

not sure of what you’re trying to ask for here, but this is the most i can do for you


Ok, Instead of a Dive script how about a roll script where a layer rolls on the ground for a bit?

You could just add a force onto their player model when they press shift?

So with a BodyForce? if not wdym?

Yes, a bodyforce. I don’t see why you would make a complicated version @Pyronai

Can I do it with CFrames I am Bad with BodyForces

If you want… I don’t suggest using CFrame with characters tho

You ca make a CFrame for the direction of the camera.