How would I make a Finisher?

So what Im going for is to make a Finisher animation that plays when you hit a keycode near a player well there downed then that key will play an animation/finisher like Apex legends!

The problem is I’m new to scripting and don’t know what I do to make this but I am willing to try may people tell me the scripting services I need to use?

The only thing I thought was playing an animation on keycode click but that did not work

Please be really detailed!

You will need to be good at making rigs and animations with motor6ds (The method you will use to attach and animate objects onto the rig)

Then you will need to design the method you will make for connecting and syncing the animations of two players. (because parts within the animation editor cannot have the same name so you can’t just connect two rigs together, You might choose to rename the player’s limbs so it could be possible)

For timing animations, I recommend using AnimationMarkers and :GetMarkerReachedSignal() this would be very useful for timing and syncing various events you might need.

There is also animating camera movement for the cutscenes. Which I am not informed enough to give details about

A Motor6d tutorial for tools ( I know you wont be animating Tools but its a nice tutorial for animating with Motor6ds)

thx man ill try that tmr! bc im tiredXD