How would i make a flip clock effect?

Wanting to make a flip clock gui but i dont know a good way to do so this is the effect im looking for:

I think it might be possible to play a gift and have a gui overlay on top of it but im not sure.

Roblox doesn’t have very wide support for 3d gui (animations), the only way I can think of is to do it with parts and a viewportframe.

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They do, WorldModels support animations

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That’s indeed physical, not gui itself, it works with viewportframe, as I suggested

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@theworldis_socruel @no_tsi
I dont know how good a viewport frame will look and i hate fooling around with the current camera things in them but i think i may have found a solution may not be a good one but a solution.

Basically i found this gif:

Whats so special about it you may ask? Well theres this guy that found a way to play gifs in roblox its a bit complicated so heres the link to the post if you want to read about it:

But i can get like 4 of these gifs in guis and play the frames at certain times to make a clock would that work?

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