How Would I Make A Minimap?

How would I make a minimap similar to this from jailbreak?


I don’t do UI design but I think you take an image of the map and then have it just move and cuts out parts when they are out of range. Probably should find a tutorial I don’t think this would be that hard to make and I’ve seen some tutorials on mini maps before

Who would you recommend I not much of a UI designer either I’m just giving it a try

You could try using ViewportFrames.

It requires scripting.

Use rorender if your game will have terrain

It might get annoying to render the map everytime when there are changes but this is better than taking images on your own

If your game doesnt have terrain use viewportframes and update the position everytime character moves
(Not recommended for big maps)

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Ive never made one, but to my knowledge you would use an image frame with your rendered map (I reccomend RoRender) and then depending on the pixels per stud you chose in rorender, you can use that and the players position to correctly move the image inside a frame with ClipDescendants true.

And then use a humanoidrootpart CFrame changed event to fire it.

If you want a compass effect to show like which direction, you can use math.atan2(lookvector X, lookvector Z) to get the rotation