How would I make a safe zone that wouldn't make you gain any leaderstats?

Hello, I am making a game that is survival based however the players have to go through a lobby in order to start, how would I make it if they are in the lobby they would not gain any points?

Have you done some research beforehand? It’s also hard to provide an answer with such limited context.

Depending on how your ‘survival’ game is wired, you would need to consider how players can / can’t earn these points? How is your game designed? Is it like rounds of events, where the last player remaining earns points? If you could provide more information, regarding how you earn points, it would make the question easier to understand. Because to me, it sounds you’re asking about how players in the lobby can’t earn points (assuming they have died), and players who are currently in the event can.

That aside, I would recommend you look into @ForeverHD ZonePlus v2 Module, or experiment with regions.