How would I make a tween add to a position

When the override is false, the same bug occurs, the buttons move forwards, and don’t go back.

Here’s a picture of the issue:

I accidentally made one of the tween times 0.2, and when I set both to 0.1, the issue with the 2nd button going backwards still occurs, but less.

So the override should stay true, I think it may be because of in the events, you’re making a variable for the current position of the button, meaning if you leave it mid tween, it’s going to do the stuff for the mid tween position, you’d have to figure out a way to fix the positioning a bit, you may have to hard code the numbers yourself since doing how you’re doing it right now

Would making a script for each button solve the issue?

You could if they’re going to go to different positions, but in this case, I would just recommend hard coding the X scale direction

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So I would do something like

if = whatever then
     do stuff

No no, for example, say for each button they go to 0.750 on the scale direction on hover and 0.740 on leave, just set the scale to 0.750 and 0.740 for the hover and exit respectively

I’m not too sure what you mean by “scale direction”, could you explain?

The location the buttons go to when they’re hovered over to or when the mouse leaves the button

What changes would I need to make to my code though? I’m still a bit confused. Thanks!

Right now, what is the X scale position of one of the buttons?

{-0.001, 0},{0.761, 0}

The X would be -0.001, 0

Then on hover, set currentpos.X.Scale + 0.02 to 0.001 and set currentpos.X.Scale + -0.03 in Onexit to -0.004

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It goes backwards too much, and the issue still occurs.

Oh wait my math did not add up, for onHover the X SCale should be 0.019 and for onExit, it should be -0.031. If that doesn’t work then ym brain is running out of ideas

Yeah, the issue still occurs, I’ll try to find a tutorial or something and do some more digging if you’re out of ideas.

Are you able to send me the place file so I can mess around and figure out what’s going on?

I’ve never done that, can you tell me how?

In your studio for the place, go on the top right and click FILE, then press Save to File as…, give it a name and sae it when you’re sending a reply, drag it into the text box and it should upload it

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Give me a bit, my device is a bit slow.

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Here’s the place:

Tween.rbxl (28.7 KB)

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