How would I make an automatic ragdoll from a cetain height?

How would I make the character ragdoll from a certain height. Like in some anime games?

(I’m terrible at scripting)

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I won’t explain how to make a ragdoll since it’s basically spoon feeding but about the height you active the ragdoll based on:
-1 The magnitude of the velocity(it doesn’t really apply on certain height only it’s more all the axis lengh) note: by that i mean’t the magnitude of the hole velocity vector
-2 Y axis velocity
-3 A ray (geting the distance between the character and the result).

Yep, thats to detect the certain height in which to activate the ragdoll effect.

For the actual ragdoll system, it’s been done before, TL;DR deactivate the motor6d joints and add ball socket joints instead.