How Would I Possibly Make a Global Datastore System?

What I mean by a Global Datastore system is when someone saves their progress in my game, I want to be able to make it so if I make a new GAME, (not place, which is connected to a main game in their universe), their data would also be in that other game.

For example, if someone plays my GAME and saves his progress, and he decides to go to my alt account to play that version of the GAME, (not place), his same exact data he saved on my main account game would universally be stored on my alt game too, how would this be possible to do?

I’ve been stumped on how to do this, a game I can think of that has this system is Ultimate Driving because Twentytwopilot and another dude somehow shares data together so if you bought a car in Twenty’s game, that car you purchased would also transfer to the other dude’s game. How is this possible to do and can someone show me how to do this?


The only real option is to create an external saving system. You will not be able to use roblox’s DataStoreService in this case, and would have to use HTTPService to handle data outside of roblox itself.

Here is a thread already about this:

Some suggest to use programs such as Trello or Google Sheets to handle data, but this is not a good idea in my opinion. Those applications are not meant to be used as a data dumping group.

If you really are interested in making this happen, I would look into setting up your own “web server”, with a singular purpose of handling save data.

This is quite ambitious, however, so I would only get serious about the idea if you are sure it is necessary.

Good luck!


Roblox datastores can’t be shared between different games. You would have to use some third party server and send player data there using HTTPService.

The one time I’ve done something like that I used PostgreSQL hosted on a free Heroku server and it worked alright for my purposes.
Remember, Discord is not a database. Trello is not a database. Google Sheets is not a database.

This is the tutorial I used:

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Would it be possible to store data on Discord webhooks? Because someone told me he has multiple games that he used to store simple data like Numvalues on Discord and I don’t know if he’s telling the truth

Could you show me an uncopylocked game I could use to see how they share data across games if you know any?

Also as far as I know, Roblox Datastore is hosted on a game’s place ID number from what I experienced because I used a test data store example that has universe places and the data is wiped if you change the place universe ID, so I think that’s another problem I have too, how do they store the Data if they change the games if the Data is stored on the ID?

Don’t do this. This is completely against TOS. Discord is a text chat, not a data store service.

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Most people who use Discord webhooks use it for messaging/notifications and logs. Storing data may be possible, but that’s not what Discord was really made for. A database is the most suitable method for storing data.

I unfortunately don’t know any public copies of a working system like this.

It is not a very popular setup, since it is an extreme pain to get working, and to maintain. I honestly would recommend not trying to share data between games, and just keeping everything together. You could easily have a singular game that is a container for two places.

The thing is, I’m making a game that is going to store massive amount of Data like pets, cash, tools, gamepass purchases data, codes, and so much more and I need the Data to be backed up in another game in case something happens to the main game so people don’t lose their progress and money.

How do I back up something like that because a game called Clicking or Tapping Simulator whatever it’s called was shut down for unknown reasons, it just seems like it’s a good idea to back up people’s data somehow in case a random event like that happens so people won’t have wasted their time and money.

It’s also a common trend that I see that Simulator games are being shut down for random reasons and I don’t want an event where my player’s data is just all gone like that and their money wasted

Also from what I hear, Adopt Me also has a Global Save system thing, not sure if this is true but I can tell they store large amount of data too so if they backed up all of those somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised and I want something like that

OP, I don’t understand why you insist on not having your own server up to store the data on.

You are trying to store a significant amount of data; you’re not going to be able to do this efficiently if your idea of a database is a Discord channel hidden away from public eye and your only way into it is webhooks (how you’d even read from it is beyond me; Discord webhooks only let you write to a channel, not read from them afaik).

Worst case scenario you’ll be using something like Trello or Google Sheets, as others have already stated, but those are not designed to store data like a database would. It is entirely possible to use these as a database if you rig them up correctly, but it’s not recommended.

You should be looking into having your own server dedicated to handle the data. There is no easy and efficient system to do this, otherwise.

Because those cost hundreds of dollars just to use, but on Discord or those other ones you listed are free. I’m not a professional game developer, I just want something that would work in the meantime.

This. I would highly recommend the tutorial for creating a Heroku server I posted earlier. Setting it up was somewhat of a chore when I did it, but it is completely free and if you know NodeJS you can have absolute control over your server’s functionality.

Because those cost hundreds of dollars just to use


You can literally get a little VM on Google Cloud or Oracle for absolutely free. I run Discord bots and my website off of them, and they’re great.

Should work perfectly fine for you since all you’re doing is transferring small quantities of data (since some JSON tables or something are very small versus binary files).

I need guidance on those because I am clueless on these stuff

Is Heroku really a safe option, though?

I’ve been told by plenty of people to use Heroku for this or that server-based thing, but I’ve always been turned away by the fact that you can’t get persistent data storage on Heroku for free.

Unless if that’s changed or if I’ve missed something.

This is really only necessary for a HUGE game, with millions of dollars at stake, but if you are this set on creating a system like this, I think that @Blokav’s option with Heroku is a decent one. The only thing to keep in mind, though, is that with free web service like that, you would have very small limits. You would have to be very carful about how many requests you make.

If you are willing to pay for a decent web server(20-50 USD a month), then you won’t have to worry about this as much.

You also shouldn’t go for a free web service with a mediocre reputation, if you are creating a very serious project, since you would want a server that will never fail in any circumstances.

For information on how to set one up, I would Google “how to set up a web server”, as well as look into learning Node.JS or C#.

There’s no tutorial on how to do something like this though for backing up data, how would I start doing this?

This isn’t a tutorial on how to get a database running, but everything from the beginning up until where they tell you how to install Java and Minecraft should get you to the point where you have a usable server up and running:

Can’t tell you how to get a database running on it because, to be honest, I personally have no clue either lmfao

If you get that far, then stuff to search for online would be “How to set up a SQL server database” or something along those lines. Good luck.