How would I recieve discord events on roblox

So I have a discord webhook, which sends a message on discord when someone submits some text. If the text is good, a moderator clicks the “Y” emoji, which then goes back to roblox. How would I recieve that from roblox, and how would I do the “Y” emoji thing? Any help is appreciated.


A Discord Webhook cannot send requests HTTP wise, you need a Discord bot for this. You could add emojis to anything with a Discord bot, and check who reacted to it, if they have certain perms, then you do your approval process. You would need web hosting, and every time something is approved it would be logged on the hosting, you could log it like this;

{"Hello world!", true}

HTTP requests cannot be posted to Roblox games currently, so what you could do is have a while loop, and keep checking the hosting to see if there is anything new, if there is you do what you need to, and then post a HTTP request from the Roblox game saying that the message was approved and is in the game, and then it would get deleted. That is just a suggestion, and it might and or might not work for you. On any note, best of luck!


Could I do something similar to this? Discord-To-Roblox Ban bot (100% Free)


Yes you can! Me and Stratiz have made it easy for the system to be modified to any use you wish to implement. If you need any help, let me know. You could do something similar to that, as we added a while loop to instantly ban a player when a new piece of data is posted. In your case, you want it to be removed, so you could get the Roblox game to get it removed, so you could do the following;

{"Hello world!",true,true}

The server would then check if something new is there, if the 3rd value of it is true, then it posts it. And then the Roblox game would post a request to change it to this;

{"Hello world!",true,false}

This would keep it from posting it again.

Now that is if you want to do this with Google Sheets ( I don’t recommend Google Sheets, but you could use it if you wish. )
I highly recommend for this having WebHosting or using other sources. Keep in mind, they would all work very similar. So you should have a fine understanding.


How do I do this with google sheets?

It would actually be quite simple, I explained it in my reply.

If that wasn’t enough explanation, don’t fret. I can always provide more help. :slight_smile:

So I got to the step where it says publish macro script, but it says that the account is verified. Should I publish it as the user?

Yes you should, also if you have questions not related shoot me a PM, you could also contact me on Discord,

Kensizo#0001 its doing that, how would I fix it?

I got it to work, but how would I get it to watch a certain discord channel? I am new to discord bots.

Please read the previous replies before replying to the latest post. The OP is asking for how a Discord bot can watch a channel, not how to get a webhook to post in a channel.

Assuming that you’re using the Discord-to-Roblox ban Discord bot code, you’d want to add a line similar to this:

if ( !== "channelidhere") return;

This allows you to stop any message that is not from said channel to be processed.


Thanks it helps a lot! 30characters

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