How would I reduce someones money in a Datastore? (userid.leaderstats.Money)

Hey. I really don’t understand how to modify datastores and edit someones values in one.

I would just like to alter some peoples money from a datastore, as I have a global leaderboard and somone exploited and gave themselves a ridiculous amount of money.

If someone could help, that would be really helpful.

local DataStoreService = game:GetService("DataStoreService")
local playerDataStore = DataStoreService:GetDataStore("LeaderBoard")


you can use a plugin
or the command bar

please report that person
or ban him from your game

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I know where I can edit them, I just dont know exactly how.

Also you can’t report roblox players from their profile for some reason. And roblox is lame with their moderation and probably wouldn’t do anything about it.

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I would suggest you add a ban GUI to your game that only mods can access.

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Do you know the source of the problem the vulnerability you have causing them to be able to grant themselves money

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Basically they used some thirdparty software to give themselves money.

I dont think there is a way to reduce their money, just ban them.

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I would recommend using a plugin like this for editing values in your data stores, however if you create a ban system i would just recommend adding a line like this in there,

local succes, removed = pcall(function()
    return YourDataStore:RemoveAsync(The players datastore key)
    if player.UserId == Id Here then
        player:Kick('good Bye')
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You haven’t answered my question for them to even be able to give themselfs money there is a flaw in your system that they are taking advantage of its why I asked

Because if you don’t fix the problem at its source banning and changing their money in datastore is just going to be a constant fix that you will have to keep applying. If they could just do what they did again