How would I rig a weapon to an r6 character model using scripts?

I’m looking to figure out how to rig a multi-part weapon (parts are welded together) to a character model in a script so I can play the animations I made with it. I know about plugins and stuff that can do this but I’m looking to do this in a script so I can code better looking and feeling weapons. Also, welding is not an option because I want to easily be able to move the weapon’s grip angle in the players arms without doing some shoddy coding methods.

I haven’t really tried anything yet as I have zero experience with rigging.

I’d be grateful for any help that people can give me.

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Use Motor6Ds with unique names and placements for each part you want animated, including RightGrip. That should fly well enough as far as animating tools in R6 characters goes.

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You can make multiple accessories. GunGrip, GunBarrel, GunScope, GunMuzzleAttachment, and then just line them all up with your offsets and orientation. Then you can have them all in a folder. You can then just clone the folder or the part. You could have the grip change on the scope when a hand covers it and change the offset and orientation to have the other hand hold the scope and put it away, before grabbing another scope and then when it’s half way through the “attach scope” animation, change the grip back to the gun hand and realign it to the grip to be a part of the gun again.

Might be messy as in attachments everywhere but at least you have way more control over every little bit.

I’m a bit of a beginner though so maybe there is some better way to have a bunch of parts all in the 1 accessory / tool whatever, and some way to assign a certain part of that but I go with the simple stuff.

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Thanks for the help a ton (both of you) but I forgot to mention I’m doing this for a sword and without actually using a tool part. My bad. Also, is a motor6d really all I need to attach the weapon to the actual hand or do I need an attachment?

Not sure why you would not use an accessory or tool. Outside of that I’m stumped. I suppose you could make a mesh out of a right hand combined with the sword, and then use that mesh as the new hand part. But then the hand will be the same color as the sword unless you UV map it and then texture it and OMG that’s crazy, just thinking about it hurts.

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Hi, thanks for the help but I think you have a little bit of a misunderstanding of rigging like this, lol. Accessories are for hats, and I’m not using a tool so I can have more control of the animations and weapon itself, and look more professional. Thanks, though.

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To rig up tools, I find the plugin to be quite useful – allows you to easily rig up parts of tools by Motor6Ds with the plugin automatically calculating offsets needed for the tool to remain a tool.

To connect it to the character, you can also use a Motor6D. Though this can be a bit tricky due to potential inconsistencies (at least in my experience) between how you may have the tool set up in studio and how roblox welds it.

A good fix for this is the use of attachments to coordinate CFrames. Take the RightGripAttachment in a character’s right hand, for instance. If you were to take your weapon and position it in the way you want it to be held, you could then make a new attachment in your weapon and align its WorldCFrame (I believe aligning both WorldPosition and WorldOrientation works as well, since those are visible in the properties explorer), you get a convenient way to weld the weapons in the script.
In the Motor6D connecting the hand and the weapon, C0 is RightGripAttachment’s CFrame and C1 is your weapon attachment’s CFrame. This method should also work with pretty much any attachment in the character’s body, though I’ve only done it with the right hand myself.

I hope this answers your question?

(also, note of warning – using inverse kinematics in the current Roblox animation editor will break the entire character rig if you have the extra Motor6D of the weapon. The beta Roblox animation editor doesn’t have this problem, but it also doesn’t let you animate the weapon itself. So far I’ve just been doing character stuff in the beta editor with IK, and if I need any animations to have weapon animation I just open it in the current animation editor afterwards without IK and animate then)


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